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Honorary Texan


Presented to

Annette Gover

On this day of our Alamo heros, May 7, 2006

Let it be known that the person's name appearing above, has conducted his, or her self in a reverent manner becoming an Honorary Texan for the duration of a life time.

In  the event the above honored person is caught defacing the name of The State of Texas, or any of its natural shrines, particularly The Alamo, as Ozzy Osborne once did, all honorary accolades associated with being named an Honorary Texan will be dropped as fast as you can repeat the phrase "The Dallas Cowboys are America's Team" three times.

It is further understood that the above named person will eat a Chicken Fried Steak  at least once a week, talk fondly of cows, and learn all of the lyrics to The Rock of Ages Cleft for Me, The Rose of San  Antone, and The Yellow Rose of Texas.

Furthermore, in order to maintain the continuing right in becoming an Honorary Texan, Annette Gover agrees to wear Cowboy Boots, a Hat, a Bolo Tie, Levi's (or Wrangler) blue jeans, listen to George Strait songs, ride a horse, and refer to Texas as an Independent Country each day during the next twelve months from the above date. 

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